Speaker In YOU™

Speaker in YOU™

2-hour workshop presenting industry secrets for flawless virtual presentations and meetings.

Speaker in YOU™ is built on three critical disciplines of speaking

Mindset, Method, & Monetization.

This webinar will apply these elements in the virtual space so you can deliver smooth, more effective presentations. 

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Set the Stage. 
Why mastering virtual presentation is critical

Power Positioning. 
Mindset is key

Meditation - Inhabiting YOU.
The art of being authentically YOU

Understand your audience.
It is all about them

Method (1).png

Power Positioning - Physical Space. 
Set it up to set it off

Slides Hero. 
Your communication partner on the stage

How to transcend the camera.

Laser Coaching - Talk the Talk.
Virtual Method Coaching

Monetization logo.png

Position your Presentation.
 for maximum ROI with a clear Call to Action

Role Play Exercise - Starring YOU.
What to ask, when, and why

What to Wear.
Walk the walk

Speaker in YOU™ Virtually Toolkit


Equip your team with communication skills for a post-pandemic business environment

Engage your audience and win more business

Over deliver and delight clients

Transition  effective in-person presentation to the virtual


Tailored Presentation 

Laser Coaching

Speaker in YOU™ Virtually Toolkit

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