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Why go spinning your wheels looking around for the perfect words to grab that
audience when all you need to connect can be found right there in the 

Speaker In YOU™!

You do good work. You are a true trailblazer in your industry. But that doesn’t that mean you should step into the speaker space and recreate the wheel. Not at all. 




It’s not enough to step on stage and simply walk an audience through your triumphant story...as inspiring as it may be. They want more and so do you. This is your chance to give them a reason and a way to grow.  Everything you say and do should end with this result. 

Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Giving an audience a valuable experience that transforms their life sounds overwhelming for most.

Speaker In YOU™ is designed to help you guide them to that result soup to nuts. No need to recreate the wheel.  


The Speaker In YOU™ training suite meets you where you’re at with simple step-by-step tools and resources you need to build the speaking platform to connect, empower, and move. 

Plus, we are your personal cheering squad ready and willing to walk this journey with you, right by your side.  Whatever your learning style, be it in a group, 1-on-1, in person or via video conferencing there’s an offering for you.  


It is our fervent prayer for you to take your stage with clarity and confidence so your light shines brighter than you ever could have imagined.


Yours In Excellence!

Leslie & Ranise

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Speaker In YOU™
The comprehensive signature system to get you set to launch
or uplevel your speaking career.


Maxie Media Group has been an invaluable resource in my desire to press into the international speaking I have done most of my life. Their Vision Session helped me get crystal clear about ways I can add my work in the global executive leadership and governance space to my speaker platform. Leslie Maxie is one of those creative minds who can see what's possible for your brand and the path to success.

Dr. Edwin Moses, OLY

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist,

The Thinking Man's Athlete™


Take the guesswork out of "What should I do?" and DO IT!

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There are 3 disciplines that all great speakers learn to master
Mindset • Method • Monetization

And it’s the secret sauce in SIY.  We call it the Maxie Media Framework.

The Results

You learn to:

Mindset logo.png


Think like a great speaker

Method (1).png


Act like a great speaker

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Get paid like a great speaker

With practical applications so you can be ready to launch/relaunch your speaking aspirations right away!

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Think, Act & Get Paid Like a Great Speaker Webinar!

Who will benefit from Speaker In YOU™


Business Leaders/ Executives

Community Leaders/ Activists


Thought Leaders

The ways to get to the
Speaker In YOU

Choose one that's right for you!

Speaker In YOU
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