Our Story

I'm Leslie 

From a very young age, I’ve been driven to achieve excellence. For the past 29 years, this quest has led me to do the same with my clients.  


I’m a 1988 Olympian, Media Consultant, Professional Broadcaster, and International Motivational Speaker. I  help INFLUENCERS turn a lifetime of invaluable experience and accomplishments into lucrative speaking careers that make a positive change in today’s world.  

I‘ve strategically transitioned my career as an elite athlete to the world of media as a studio anchor, reporter, and host. I have led productions and worked with ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox Sports Net, among others.

I have interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports: Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Lance Armstrong, Venus, and Serena Williams, Barry Bonds, Jeff Gordon, and Mike Tyson among others. I’ve covered some of the world’s premier sporting events; Super Bowl, World Series, Final Four, Tour de France & the U.S. Open!

My work in front of the camera led to a natural transition to communications executive with capabilities in PR, media activations, and crisis communications. I designed campaigns that helped fortune 500 businesses and individual INFLUENCERS as they identified and achieved their media goals.


While doing this work, I was blessed to also speak and share my passion for embracing transition, work-life balance, and figuring out “what’s next?” My unwavering commitment to sowing seeds of encouragement, empowerment, and excellence is what makes this work feel less like work and more like my calling. 

As Founder and Managing Partner of Maxie Media Group, LLC., I have galvanized the valuable skills and wisdom retained from my experiences and formulated them into a unique approach to speaker training and consulting that has proven global reach. Along with my business partner, Ranise Gillespie (more on Ranise in a moment), it is our honor to help real INFLUENCERS, as we like to call them, make a difference on the world stage by unleashing the speaker that lives inside of them. If you are reading this, I suspect that the same speaker lives inside you, as well.  

Yours In Excellence!


Speaker In YOU™

Our signature speaker training program package features a groundbreaking framework that combines the 3 top success factors in the speaking industry 
 Method Monetization

I'm Ranise

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the human ability to change for better or worse.  

I understand it’s our fundamental ability to change that ultimately moves us towards our goals.  


I’ve spent over 11 years fixated on the mental processes involved with change the kind that leads to goals fulfilled.  As Managing Partner of MMG, it has been my mission to use my expertise to empower people to realize their goals...through simple change. 

I began my journey in the corporate world as an award-winning sales executive for a Fortune Top 50 global tech firm. This is where, as a sales coach, I realized that effective coaching direction can be the difference for many who desire more for their careers and lives.

As a Master Certified Transformation Coach, I help INFLUENCERS like you align your thoughts with your goals, so your transition to professional speaking is permeated with clarity, empowerment, and confidence.

I spent the next 10 years training and developing my own unique approach which combines many different methodologies. Now, I am thrilled to apply this work in the speaker space.  Working with INFLUENCERS and seeing how a mindset shift towards your vision can save time, effort and a whole lot of heartache.


Now I create breakthrough programs and experiences like the Maxie Media Framework and Speaker In YOU™ that truly deliver the results you are looking for.

Be Blessed! 




It is our commitment to provide the training, consulting and services you
need to get you on your mark, set,


We strive to begin each engagement, partnership, and day with clarity.
When you have nothing else you have the tenacity to ensure all you do meets your own personal level of excellence. 
Both MMG partners abhor inauthenticity so we have no choice but to be authentic!
Teamwork allows individuals to develop and excel at their God-given gifts, elevating the whole group.
We define Spirit as that part, rooted in us all, that is constantly seeking what's good, bright, real, and beautiful in life.