Leslie & Ranise

The team you turn to when you’re ready to uplevel your speaking career or business and make time for the things that really matter. 

 We can feel your passion for your work all the way
through the internet!

But how do you take that passion to a new level to serve even more people and create the bountiful business results to support the lifestyle you deserve?  We believe in YOU and we are here to give you the tools and support to make it happen.   

Let's Go!

We’ve been there and done that!

We’ve worked hard...correction and continue working hard to create a business that speaks to our core values and passions, supports our peeps in a top-notch way, and allows for the lifestyle we both value and deserve.  When we think of the journey that has brought us both here, the mistakes we've made, the wheels we’ve spun, the time, energy, and money wasted...not to mention the late nights, early mornings, and occasional stretches without a break.  


Believe us when we say we know how you are feeling, We really do!


But we would have it no other way!  It’s how we’ve learned to navigate this industry and help our clients manifest the visions they’ve spent a lifetime creating.  It was out of sheer necessity that we started the consulting arm of MMG. Our clients wanted our help with the strategy and execution of their grand vision. Our combined industry experience in sales, marketing, communications, and speaking was a perfect match.  


Our goal is to create an experience that would help by-pass the growing pains of a speaking career or business launch and to reduce feelings of overwhelm and the probability of quitting even before you begin.

We know you have a powerful transformative story and believe wholeheartedly in YOU and your ability to step into the spotlight where
you belong. 

MMG Consulting walks with you side-by-side to build and execute the strategy that delivers results.  

We have curated partners throughout the industry as our tentacles to extend reach and exposure to
get it done. And we extend those connections to you.


Think of us as your partners in crime.


Maxie Media Group has been an invaluable resource in my desire to press into the international speaking I have done most of my life. Their Vision Session helped me get crystal clear about ways I can add my work in the global executive leadership and governance space to my speaker platform. Leslie Maxie is one of those creative minds who can see what's possible for your brand and the path to success.

Dr. Edwin Moses, OLY

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist,

The Thinking Man's Athlete™

How We Can Help
  • Speaking evaluation and performance 

  • Business strategy and execution

  • Event planning(Including Retreats, Seminars, Workshops, and Training)

  • Marketing Activations

  • Book Publications

  • Creating Coaching Programs

  • Strategic Partners and Sponsorships

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Let's Get Started!

To get started, complete the application and we will schedule your free initial consultation where we will determine if we are a match and will get started ASAP. Our consulting engagements operate on retainers which begin at $2000 for 4 hours.
Discounts are applied to monthly retainers.